What percentage of america are convicted felons?

Answer In the United States, 6.21 percent of the adult population are convicted felons, as of 2000. In 2000, 13 million Americans were jailed for a felony conviction, on felony probation or previously imp... Read More »

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What Companies Hire Convicted Felons in Washington D.C.?

Hiring felons is a way to integrate them back into society after they exit from prison. However, employers are scared to do so for a number of reasons including the potential for further criminal a... Read More »

What Constitutional Rights Are Denied to Convicted Felons?

People convicted of a felony lose some of their Constitutional rights, including the right to vote and the right to possess a firearm. The Fifth Amendment to the Constitution states that federal re... Read More »

What Are the Insurance Laws Regarding the Licensing of Convicted Felons in Tennessee?

Insurance sales can be a financially and emotionally rewarding career choice for motivated individuals with good people skills. The first step toward that career is obtaining an insurance license i... Read More »

Can convicted felons go on a cruise?

There are no restrictions that prevent convicted felons from purchasing a cruise ticket, but some countries won't admit some felons, based on the crime and when the conviction occurred. People who... Read More »