What percentage of Yahoo users.......?

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What percentage of laptop users use Windows XP?

Precise data for laptop users alone is not available. However, data combining both laptop user and desktop user preferences has been made available. In 2010, 71.8% to 74% of computers were still ru... Read More »

What percentage of Web users read their email at work?

According to the AOL/Beta Research Corporation (June 2008), about 70 percent of workers read their email at work. One third of them read their mail more than once, up to three times a day.Source:Po... Read More »

To the honest yahoo users!!!!!?

YES thanks for pointing that out... Sometimes I freak out and feel SOO sorry for the person, So I answer the question and then I think.. WAIT SURELY THAT NOT TRUE.. SO I check their other questions... Read More »

Will Yahoo Messenger 8.1 allow Vista users to use a web cam?

Yahoo Messenger 8.1 enables enhanced video calling for premium users with the Microsoft operating systems, including Windows Vista. The messenger also enables Yahoo video chat in chat rooms and vid... Read More »