What percentage of Wikipedia's budget goes towards fact-checking?

Answer Not a cent is spent by the Wikimedia Foundation on fact-checking within Wikipedia. However, every year, many thousands of dollars are spent by corporations, individuals, and PR firms in support of... Read More »

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What percentage of my income goes towards taxes?

According to the Internal Revenue Service, on wages paid in 2010 income taxes range from 15 to 35 percent of an individual's wages. An individual can earn up to $84,449 and will pay 29 percent or l... Read More »

What is the bigger priority on Wikipedia: article fact-checking, or sockpuppet investigations?

Since article fact-checking isn't a priority at all, at least for the site in general, I'd have to say "sockpuppet investigations." Deletion discussions are often contentious, but not all that sign... Read More »

What percentage of the US budget is foreign aid?

What Happens to Checking Accounts When a Bank Goes Bankrupt?

When a bank goes bankrupt, it can no longer pay back its checking account depositors. Before 1934, when Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. insurance began, depositors risked losing all of their money ... Read More »