What percentage of Wikipedia readers know it's editable?

Answer I keep hearin' this a lot lately...

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Is Wikipedia editable by Everyone Doesn't it need anybody's review before being posted?

Wikipedia has a few safeguards to prevent misuse1) It has a page filled with the most recent changes made to pages. Thousands of users go through those reviews to see if anything was made factual... Read More »

I need to know how to convert a VHS tape to an editable CD on my Computer. How do I do it?

Well is the vhs a movie that was purchased or one that you have taken yourself. If it is your own then buy a dvd vhs combo and make sure that the dvd part is a recordable one they run about $130 no... Read More »

What percentage of the information on Wikipedia do think I should believe?

Don't think of it in percent. A lot of people go on there and write to help others. Of course there is misinformation, so you should take everything with a grain of salt and compare what you see on... Read More »

Strategies for Readers & Non-Readers in the Classroom?

Reading is an integral part of the classroom experience, and many students must complete hours of reading and write papers designed to demonstrate their understanding. All this reading can tax even... Read More »