What percentage of Girl Scout Cookie revenue ends up in the hands of the girl scouts?

Answer This is what I remember from the "cookie crumbles" handout we got last year (these are rounded to the nearest even cent).$.80 - baker$.60 - individual troop.$. 20 (ish) - patches, stuffed animals, ... Read More »

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What is your fav Girl Scout cookie!?

What Girl Scout cookie is sold the most?

It depends what country you're in, in America they have thin mints and in Australiea they have short bread cookies with a chocolate base

Girl Scout Cookie Crafts?

Girl Scouts have been selling cookies for more than 80 years. The profits from the cookie sales help support Girl Scout troops around the country. Buying and selling Girl Scout cookies teaches girl... Read More »

What is your favorite girl scout cookie 2nd fav?

That is so crazy..... I was going to put the same thing! I guess great minds think alike!