What percentage of Americans have siblings?

Answer 80% of Americans have at least 1 sibling

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What percentage of Americans have a connection to the military?

Depends on if you are in CONUS or OCONUS...CONUS...Dial 809-463-3376 you will receive a second dial tone. Then dial your full 1-800 number.OCONUS....Dial 94-800.... rest of the number. Note: this w... Read More »

What is the percentage of Americans who have bachelor degrees?

The U.S. census of 2000 reported that 24.4 percent of the population had a bachelor's degree. This number was for persons aged 25 or older at the time of the 2000 census. The actual number may in f... Read More »

What percentage of Americans have health care?

AnswerFar less than half! FalseOfficial studies show the number of Americans with Healthcare to be very much above half (Around 83%, actually). Circa 2007, the number uninsured was calculated at a... Read More »

What percentage of Americans have a criminal record?

Approximately 2.5 percent of American adults have a criminal record. The Institute for Research on Poverty website says, "At the end of 2001, over 5.6 million Americans---nearly one in 40 adults---... Read More »