What percentage of African people are starving?

Answer The numbers are astounding: 24 000 people die of hunger every day. That’s one person every four seconds. 815 million human beings suffer from malnutrition and 30 million, mostly children under fi... Read More »

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What percentage of people in Cuba are of African descent?

The exact percentage of people in Cuba who are of African descent is difficult to determine, largely because of differences in how Cubans define themselves. The UN Refugee Agency reports that betwe... Read More »

How can we justify eating animals raised for meat when many millions of people are malnourished and starving?

It can never be justified, wasting precious land to grow animal feed instead of using it to grow more crops for human consumption. If we eat the plants we grow instead of feeding them to livestock,... Read More »

What percentage of African Americans are in politics?

According to the Washington Post in August of 2008, 12 percent of members of the U.S. House of Representatives and 12 percent of Senators were African American politicians. In 2008, 25 states had a... Read More »

What percentage of African-Americans speak Spanish?

According to CensusScope and the Population Reference Bureau (PRB), African-Americans account for over 12 percent of the total North American population; approximately four percent of African-Ameri... Read More »