What percentage does dental insurance typically cover for a root canal?

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How much does a root canal cost without dental insurance?

Without dental insurance, you can expect a root canal to cost $300 to $1,200. The price varies depending on which tooth needs the procedure; the cost for work on a front tooth usually is about half... Read More »

Your insurance was to cover 50 of your root canal but a statement said it would not because a 'waiting period' had not been satisfied and you am wondering what can you do about this?

AnswerKeep calling them and continue to hound them until they pay. If the coverage says 50%, then hold them to it. Threaten to report them to the insurance board and Attorney General if they don't ... Read More »

If you had a root canal done 11 months ago with only a temporary filling and you now have braces can you still have the root canal finished?

Answer usually. Answer The braces will not effect the root canal therapy, which should be completed ASAP. Temporary fillings are just that - temporary. They can break down and begin to leak after a... Read More »

Does car insurance typically cover theft?

Comprehensive auto insurance policies usually cover theft, according to the Insurance Information Institute. These policies may or may not pay for the cost of a rental car while victims of auto the... Read More »