What percentage do you think is appropriate to tip a server?

Answer I'm a server too, Kelly. I can't explain why this happens. But when I go out to eat, I never even consider the total amount of the check. I consider the service given and tip accordingly, as my ... Read More »

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What age would you think is appropriate to think about getting your daughter birth control?

It is different for everyone. I had birth control pills at 12 because the Dr. prescribed them for severe menstrual cramps, they worked. If you plan on being sexually active (or even if you don't pl... Read More »

What do you think is the appropriate age to get a myspace/facebook?

When you realize that both are fancy emails, with games. And treat as such.

What do you think is an appropriate/good age to start wearing make up?

i started in seventh grade (13 year old) and i just wore foundation (if you need it and your face is red and stuff) and some powder and a little mascara. and a lil blush. i hardly ever wear eyeshad... Read More »

How to Think of an Appropriate Band Name?

You've got a band. You've got all the equipment, all the people and other recording stuff. But you feel something is missing? The name of the band!