What percentage do temp agencies take?

Answer Employment agencies only take a fee from an employee's check if the job hunter seeks them out, according to Temp agencies hired by an applicant typically take 10 to 25 percent of a... Read More »

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How much do temp agencies take from their employees'pay?

Technically, a temp agency takes nothing from the employee's pay. It charges its client a markup--that is, it charges the client more than it pays the employee by a certain percentage. The best est... Read More »

What if your 32 month old son has a temp of 38.7 but he feels so much hotter have tryed Tylenol and tepid bath at what temp should you bring him to the dr?

Call your doctor or the hospital and ask what to do ASAP. Although a 38.7 C/101 F fever is a serious fever, I don't think it's cause for panic. Make sure your child is consuming enough liquids and ... Read More »

What agencies take care of the unwed mother and illegitimate?

Contact a social worker and they can help you where to go. There are Catholic homes for unwed mothers and others as well. It depends on where you live. If you are a minor and have a home your paren... Read More »

If your 12 yr old son has a temp of 102.7 and has been sick since last night Should you take him to the ER or can you wait until morning to take him if he isn't larthagic and only has mild flu symptom?

If he is 12 years old it is safe to wait till morning if he is otherwise normal. Symptoms to be taken seriously are vomiting, abdominal pain, irritability, drowsiness and severe headache.