How much of your body is made up of water?

Answer The amount of water in the human body (also known as body water) varies according to age and weight. For instance, an infant's body weight includes around 75 percent water. Young adult bodies conta... Read More »

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How to Get the Percent of a Total?

It is very simple to obtain the percentage of a total number by using common mathematical processes such as multiplication, division and very basic algebra. In just a few moments, you can turn tota... Read More »

How to Calculate a Percent of Total?

Percentages offer a means of comparing dissimilar numbers. As an example, 10 out of 100 looks very different than 500 out of 5000, but they are both just 10 percent. When calculating a percent of a... Read More »

What percent of total profit do oil companies get?

Each oil company's profit percentage changes quarterly as the market fluctuates. For example, in 2009 ExxonMobile made a 9.4 percent profit, while Royal Dutch Shell showed 4.4 percent. This is impa... Read More »

What percent does progressive Insurance use to total a car?

Answerit depends on the state Missouri for instance it is 75% .........OR ................. say vehicle is worth 10k, salvage bid is 5k, they can only spend 5k to repair, otherwise w... Read More »