What percent of church giving can be taken off federal taxes?

Answer Up to 100 percent of donations to churches are deductible on federal tax returns, but deductions are limited based on the filer's adjusted gross income (AGI). In each tax year deductions are allow... Read More »

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Is it legal for an employer to pay 40 percent of an employee's salary while that employee is collecting 60 percent of his salary in disability insurance payments?

How much in taxes will be taken from military pay?

Individuals who serve in the military generally pay the same federal tax rates as everyone else. However, there are a number of exceptions to the rules.Specific exclusions and deductions can decrea... Read More »

Can your taxes be taken for an unpaid bankruptcy?

According to the Bankruptcy Law Network, a New York legal firm specializing in bankruptcy cases, a bankruptcy court may seize tax refunds to help cover outstanding debts. A number of conditions, in... Read More »

Can your house be taken if the mortgage is paid up to date but not the land taxes?

The mortgage company will pay the back due land taxes and require, you the property owner, to pay the money back to the mortgage company. The mortgage loan holder can put the property into foreclos... Read More »