Is it legal for an employer to pay 40 percent of an employee's salary while that employee is collecting 60 percent of his salary in disability insurance payments?

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What percent of taxes is welfare?

During the 2010 fiscal year, 11 percent of the government's $6.5 trillion tax revenue was spent on welfare programs, including Temporary Assistance for Needy Families; Women, Infants and Children (... Read More »

What percent of US taxes goes to the military?

20% is directly attributed to the Department of Defense (DOD), but there are ancillary things to consider as well: 1) If congress spends 20% of its time debating military issues, should 20% of the... Read More »

What Percent of Income Taxes Do We Get Back?

Everyone looks forward to a tax refund; it can be an unexpected bonus to receive a check in the mail or in your bank account. How much you get back depends on many factors, including the number of ... Read More »

What percent do retired people pay in taxes?

Retired people don't pay taxes, they get paid instead by the government. == ans == The above is entirely wrong. I suspect he may mean that "retired" people get social security - which is not at a... Read More »