What percent of your brain is water?

Answer The majority of the human brain is water. According to Eric H. Chudler, PhD, research associate professor at the University of Washington's bioengineering department, the human brain is 77 to 78 pe... Read More »

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What is the percent of hydrogen in water?

Water is made up of two parts hydrogen to one part oxygen, but the percentage of hydrogen by weight is 11.1 percent hydrogen to 88 percent oxygen because the hydrogen atoms are much lighter than th... Read More »

What percent of Gatorade is water?

Gatorade contains approximately 94 percent water. Water should be consumed by everyone, but even more when participating in sports that can drain from your body its natural fluids.

How much water is in the human brain?

About 78 percent of the human brain consists of water. The rest is made up of protein, lipids, carbohydrates, and other inorganic and organic substances. The average human brain weighs about 1,400 ... Read More »

What are indications for using 5 percent dextrose in water?

D5W or Dextrose 5% Water is indicated for: Rehydration Provides calories for some metabolic needs (100ml provides 5g dextrose) -- useful in traumas when there's a shock related calorie burn. By add... Read More »