What percent of the property cards in monopoly are railroads?

Answer The four railroad properties on a standard Monopoly board make up approximately 15 percent of the properties on the board. Traditionally, the four railroads are Reading, Pennsylvania and B & O Rai... Read More »

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What are the four railroads on the Monopoly game?

The four railroads in the "Monopoly" board game consist of "B&O," "Pennsylvania," "Reading" and "Short Line." "Monopoly" is sold in 111 countries and available in 43 languages. According to Hasbro... Read More »

Can you buy a Monopoly property you didn't land on?

When playing Monopoly, a player has the option to buy a property on which they land, provided nobody else owns it. However, if the player declines to buy, the property goes to auction and the high... Read More »

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