How to Build Earth Covered Homes?

Answer The garden-roofed monolithic adobe is the most effective way to build a home surrounded by earth. These homes are energy efficient, very low cost to build and can bring a family together because it... Read More »

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How much of the Earth is covered by deserts?

According to, the Earth is approximately one fifth (20 percent) desert. This includes hot deserts like the Sahara as well as cold deserts found in Arctic regions. Both types of... Read More »

For an unmarried 25 year old is secondary insurance available to cover the 20 percent not covered by an employer's group policy?

Answer Yes. It is called suplemental insurance .. your age and marital status are irrelevant.

What is the percent of hydrogen in water?

Water is made up of two parts hydrogen to one part oxygen, but the percentage of hydrogen by weight is 11.1 percent hydrogen to 88 percent oxygen because the hydrogen atoms are much lighter than th... Read More »

What percent of Gatorade is water?

Gatorade contains approximately 94 percent water. Water should be consumed by everyone, but even more when participating in sports that can drain from your body its natural fluids.