What percent of the daily sugar intake do the kidneys filter?

Answer Kidney absorb almost all Sugar in no diabetes person.

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What is the appropriate daily sugar intake for the average adult?

As little as possible if you mean straight sugar - added or otherwise processed. Sugar in whole fruit is acceptable, 2-3 servings/day. Juice is not whole fruit, this should be considered in the sam... Read More »

How much sugar is healthy as part of daily intake?

i used to consume 'mass quantities' of sugar every day. then my doctor diagnosed me with a full blown case of type-II diabetes. whoa! thanks a lot, Little Debbie!now, i try not to eat any refine... Read More »

What are the long term effects on the body when you constantly intake splenda and other sugar substitutes on a daily basis?

cancer The long term affects of using substitue sugar can cause cancer.AnswerGenerally, sugar substitutes have been shown to be safe in moderation. Whether they actually promote weight loss is ques... Read More »

What is the freezing point of sugar water with 23.3 percent by weight of sugar?

Adding sugar to water depresses its freezing point. A 23.3 percent solution of sugar water freezes at -12.67 degrees. Different amounts of sugar in water result in different freezing points.Referen... Read More »