What is a narrow body of water that connects an enclosed sea with a larger body of water?

Answer A strait is a narrow body of water that connects two larger bodies of water. One famous example is the Strait of Gibraltar, which connects the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.Source:Water ... Read More »

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How much of your body is made up of water?

The amount of water in the human body (also known as body water) varies according to age and weight. For instance, an infant's body weight includes around 75 percent water. Young adult bodies conta... Read More »

What percent of hydrogen is in the body?

Hydrogen makes up 10 percent of the human body. The body is made up of about 60 different chemical elements. Along with hydrogen, oxygen, carbon and nitrogen make up approximately 96 to 99 percent ... Read More »

What percent of the human body is skeleton?

Approximately 20 percent of the average human body weight is from the skeleton. The weight and shape of the skeleton remain constant as a person gains and loses weight; therefore, that percentage m... Read More »

Muscles make up what percent of the body?

Skeletal muscles--the ones that hurt after a difficult workout--make up about 40 percent of the body's mass. These muscles are called voluntary muscles because humans can control their use. They ar... Read More »