What percent of retirees live in their home after retirement?

Answer About 96 percent of retirees are currently opting to stay in their home after retirement, rather than move into another house, apartment, condo or retirement community. Not since World War II has t... Read More »

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What is the percent of kids that dont live with their biological parents?

It is best that the child goes to whom ever wants to take it in to raise it. If there is a dispute about it, custody can be taken to court to decide.It is up to the father to name the guardian--eve... Read More »

Do retirees in Montana pay taxes on Social Security retirement benefits?

You'll have to pay Montana state tax on your Social Security retirement benefits, although the taxable portion might be different from the amount that's taxed by the federal government. Use Montana... Read More »

How much does it cost to live in a retirement home?

The cost of a retirement home depends on the needs of the individual, according to Independent living communities often just charge about $80 for home health care visits. Nursi... Read More »

Is a relative obligated to make a 17-year old return home after they left home and the parent sent their clothes and belongings to the relative's home?

Answer Not if the parents of the minor have given she or he permission to live in your residence.You should be aware that allowing the minor to reside in your home makes you legally responsible fo... Read More »