How many couples get divorced in the USA?

Answer The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that the U.S. divorce rate is 3.5 per 1,000 people. This is compared to 7.1 marriages per 1,000. These statistics are based on 2008 data... Read More »

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A woman was married three times and divorced at least two Would it be legal for her to start using one of the first two married last names again to sign documents?

No. She can only use her most recent husband's name , or her maiden name if it was restored at the time of the divorce . Using previous husbands names would be fraudulent misrepresentation.

Can Married Couples Get WIC in Maryland?

Maryland's Women, Infant and Children food benefits program provides nutrition guidance and healthy foods to pregnant women, new mothers and children in the state. The name of the program might imp... Read More »

Tax Savings for Married Couples Vs. Singles?

Two of the filing statuses that the Internal Revenue Service allows taxpayers to use are single and married filing jointly. However, neither of these statuses are alternatives to the other. If you ... Read More »

Questions to Ask When Counseling Married Couples?

The fact that relationships can be difficult is easily seen when you consider all the marriages that end in separation or divorce. Many couples simply give up when times get tough. However, there a... Read More »