What percent of kids own helmets in Illinois?

Answer Perhaps the more important question is: How many children injured seriously or fatally were NOT wearing proper safety equipment when the injurynhappened? Sure that is sad to but what is the ANSWER

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Why does kids have to where helmets?

Judging by the way you have phrased this question, I am guessing you didn't.Why do kids have to wear helmets?

Why do kids have to wear helmets?

Kids heads are heavier in proportion to their overall body weight than an adult's, and kids are overall more likely to fall than adults. Both good reasons for them to use extra protection.

Why should kids wear helmets?

Children should wear helmets to reduce the risk of head injury when riding bicycles or participating in other recreational activities. Wearing a properly fit helmet can save a child's life.Function... Read More »

Is it a law in NC for kids to wear bicycle helmets?

North Carolina adopted the Child Bicycle Safety Act in July 2001. The law requires any child under 16 years old to wear a bicycle helmet whenever riding a bicycle on public roads and paths. Parents... Read More »