What percent does progressive Insurance use to total a car?

Answer Answerit depends on the state Missouri for instance it is 75% .........OR ................. say vehicle is worth 10k, salvage bid is 5k, they can only spend 5k to repair, otherwise w... Read More »

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What percent is a total loss for State Farm Auto Insurance?

State Farm Insurance must follow basic guidelines established by state insurance departments that vary from one location to the next. Many states and insurers operate with a basic total loss define... Read More »

Is Progressive Express Insurance Company the same as Progressive Insurance?

Progressive Express Insurance, headquartered in Riverview, Florida, is a subsidiary of Progressive Casualty Insurance Company. Licensed to operate only in Florida, Progressive Express underwrites a... Read More »

What is the Florida insurance code for Progressive Express Insurance Company?

Typically, you can find the NAIC code for your insurance company on your ID card. Progressive has a variety of NAIC codes, most issued below. Progressive Express has been selected with a *** for yo... Read More »

How to Get the Percent of a Total?

It is very simple to obtain the percentage of a total number by using common mathematical processes such as multiplication, division and very basic algebra. In just a few moments, you can turn tota... Read More »