What pepper to use in chili?

Answer Chipotles are basically smoke-dried jalapenos. They do give a nice, rich texture to chili, but are not particularly hot. I'd go with combining Chipotle and some Serrano.Some help with the choice: j... Read More »

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Can you substitute cayenne pepper for chili pepper?

Cayenne pepper is a type of chili pepper. Whether it can be substituted for another chili pepper depends on the pepper a recipe originally calls for. For example, cayenne can be used instead of cas... Read More »

Is cayenne pepper the same as chili pepper?

Chili pepper is the general name given to the peppers of the capsicum plant family. Therefore cayenne pepper, which is a red, hot capsicum, is a type of chili pepper. Ground cayenne pepper is used ... Read More »

How do you grow chili pepper with most pepper?

Do you know where i can buy a chili pepper ceiling fan?

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