What parts of your body?

Answer heart, legs,abs,Glutes,and arms

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What body parts were destoyed in Steve Austin's body in the six million dollar man?

Depends whether you mean the TV show or the original action novel series it's based on. In the TV show it was his left eye, right arm, and both legs. In the novels it was Austin's LEFT arm that was... Read More »

Body Parts of an Ant?

There are more than 12,000 species of ants worldwide, and these fascinating insects can carry more than 20 times their own body weight, according to Pest World for Kids. While different species var... Read More »

How many parts does a spider's body have?

Spiders, unlike insects, only have two body parts and eight legs (insects have three body parts and six legs). The two body parts are called the abdomen (the back part) and the thorax (the front pa... Read More »

How many different parts does the human body have?

The human body consists of five basic body parts, the head, the neck, the torso, the arm and the legs. Those five basic parts are then broken down into additional parts for example, the head consis... Read More »