What parts of your body?

Answer heart, legs,abs,Glutes,and arms

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What body parts were destoyed in Steve Austin's body in the six million dollar man?

Depends whether you mean the TV show or the original action novel series it's based on. In the TV show it was his left eye, right arm, and both legs. In the novels it was Austin's LEFT arm that was... Read More »

What would cause a rash to start on body parts in contact with your sweatshirt when working out?

It could be what you are washing your sweats in.You could be having an adverse reaction possibly to your detergent, the one you are washing your sweaty workout clothes in.Then, you might to need to... Read More »

Is the driver at fault insurance company responsible to fix your car at a body shop of your choice using only OEM parts?

Answer You will have to check your state law on this. If it is a no-fault state. Then your insurance will repair your vehicle and then bill the other driver's company. I am not sure of the proced... Read More »

Who used the slogan for all your 2000 body parts?

The slogan was used in commercials for Lever 2000 soap. The ads promoted the soap's versatility and cleaning ability by saying it was "for all your 2,000 parts." The commercials featured images of ... Read More »