What parts of the dodder are used for medicine?

Answer I live in the Bahamas a group of islands and cays located off the coast of south florida, in my country " dodder " is commonly called love vine. It is used as a herbal medicine for strengthening th... Read More »

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What is weed used for in medicine?

Marijuana does not and cannot solve any medical issue/disease. People who say it can cure disease are saying so out of ignorance or out of some kind of groupthink mentality, not out of any medical... Read More »

What is this medicine used for?

Acne.… Use it only as directed by your dermatologist when you get it.

What poisonous element is used in medicine&rat poison?

Arsenic, a traditional rat poison, is currently used to treat leukemia and bone marrow disorders. In the past, it was also used to treat the sexually-transmitted disease syphilis, until being repla... Read More »

What medicine is used to treat MRSA staph infections?

The most common medicine for MRSA staph infections is the injectable antibiotic vancomycin hydrochloride, reports the Mayo Clinic. The medication works by preventing the staph bacterial cells from ... Read More »