What particles form when water ionizes?

Answer When water ionizes, it splits into a hydronium particle with a positive charge and a hydroxine ion with a negative charge. The chemical symbols for hydronium and hydroxide are H3O+ and OH-, respect... Read More »

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What would cause an icemaker to make dirty ice- The drinking water that comes out is clean and clear however when I get ice and add water to it I notice tiny little flakes and particles floating?

I just solved this problem at my house (1/08). In some models of ice makers the teflon coating on the tray can flake off and you will generally see small grey or black flecks in the melted ice. Th... Read More »

What causes water to form inside your refrigerator?

The seal around the door is bad. When the refrigerator doesn't have a complete seal around the door it allows ambient air to get in. When the compressor runs to the temp average inside, it actually... Read More »

Does mold form in water bottles?

Although mold is most likely to grow on wood, insulation, cloth or food, according to the Georgia Department of Human Resources, mold can form on any surface, including the inside of water bottles.... Read More »

Can water form hydrogen bonds?

Two water (H2O) molecules form hydrogen bonds when they are in close proximity to one another. This is due to the partial positive charge from one hydrogen (H) atom attracting the partial negative ... Read More »