What part of this Wikipedia code for {{ipa c-en}} creates the internal page links?

Answer That template doesn't generate internal page links itself; rather, for each character, it includes a copy of {{H:IPA}}. {{H:IPA}} normalizes the output and chooses title text for each character, an... Read More »

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What is this heading meant to be on this Wikipedia page (Wikipedia vandals have edited it)?

Is there a wikipedia macro for "This page is stupid. You can help wikipedia by deleting it."?

Yahoo should have such an option; it would be better than all of their continuous "oops" messages, lol.

I forgot my security code on my fb do i find this..needing to get in my fb page ..?

Without that Security code your in a bit of a "Jam!" Sweetheart. I think you'll be lucky to get back in to your FB account without it because they're very " strict" on that kinda thing!!!

If we edit a wikipedia page and we add some wrong information in that page,will it be deleted by wikipedia?

More experienced users are notified of changes to pages that relate to their specialty, and they review them accordingly. If your information is simply lacking sources or inaccurate, it can be dele... Read More »