Where are photoreceptors of the eye found?

Answer Photoreceptors detect light or the absence of it and send the information to our brains. These photoreceptors--called rods and cones--are located on our retinas, which are located inside the back ... Read More »

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My Chainsaw Lacks Power?

A chainsaw's combustion engine needs to ignite the fuel at a high enough temperature to deliver sufficient power to the chainsaw. Without this power, the chain will not adequately pass through the ... Read More »

What happens when a plant lacks phosphorus?

Plants that lack phosphorus don't grow. Specifically, phosphorus is one of the three main nutrients that give plants a good start on life. Nitrogen promotes above ground growth of shoots that we ca... Read More »

Which surfactant lacks in a new born baby?

I have never heard the surfactant called anything specific. Full term babies usually have surfactant (a mixture of lipids (fats) and proteins). Premature babies many times do not have enough surfac... Read More »

What Happens If a Person Lacks Critical Thinking Skills?

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