What part of the plant does a green onion come from?

Answer Answer the root Answer the root No the root is below the ground and the green onion is above the ground which is a young onion. it will eventually grow into a onion.

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What is the green plant growing out of an onion?

Yes the green part of it is where we get scallions. Quite a few foods we eat we'd be surprised what & how they grow. Technically an onion that we eat is just a bulb (seed) like you'd see when plant... Read More »

How to Identify Green Onion Beetles?

With a milder taste and texture than fully grown plants, green onions are harvested immature onion plants. While not many insects will feed on mature onions, a species of shining leaf beetles knows... Read More »

Yellow onion turned green on outside, safe to eat?

Its a young onion so peal off the outer green layers

What are the creatures called that are part plant part human like rose specture of dunn from yugioh?

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