What part of the ginger plant do you eat?

Answer The rhizome or root.

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How to Plant Wild Ginger & Ginger Root?

Wild ginger and ginger root grow differently, but offer similar purposes. Native to North America, wild ginger (asarum) is a lush perennial with flowers lasting well past their season. Harvest wild... Read More »

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What is a ginger plant?

Ginger is grown and harvested for it root system, or rhizomes. This plant is available in both evergreen and deciduous varieties. There is both a culinary (Zingiber officinale) and a wild type (Asa... Read More »

Information on the Ginger Plant?

The ginger plant is classified as the officinale species with the Zingiber genus, which is in the Zingiberaceae family. This plant, which is found throughout Asia and in Latin America and Africa, p... Read More »