What part of the female body dilates when ready to give birth?

Answer The Cervix. P.S. you should read your health book. :-P

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When are pregnant dogs ready to give birth?

Pregnant dogs are ready to give birth after approximately 63 days. Signs that show a dog is ready for labor includes its body temperature dropping, not wanting to stay still and shaking or vomiting... Read More »

Can a 16 year old female give birth?

YES YES YES! I was the tender age of sixteen when I had my daughter. In fact you are more likely to get pregnant at 16 then at 36. Use protection, protect yourself because no one is going to do it ... Read More »

How long does it take for a female dog to give birth to puppies?

Gestation period is only 60-72 days, and the length of time to give birth depends on how many puppies she has and how fast they come. Asking how long it takes a female dog to give birth is as ludic... Read More »

What is jerry seinfelds girlfriends name that rhymes with a female body part?

Answer Delores, rhymes with what female body part...mulva was georges idea..the real answer was clitoris