What part of the eye is similar to that of the lens in a camera?

Answer iris

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What camera lens is most similar to Nikon 35mm f/1.8G AF-S DX, except for a Canon (Rebel T3)?

Since Canon sensors are smaller, you would want a 32mm lens.

What part of the eye is like the lens of a camera?

The light rays first pass through the clear front part of the eye called the CORNEA. The light then passes through the PUPIL, which is an opening created by the IRIS or colored part of the eye. Nex... Read More »

What are the parts of the that eye that similar to the camera?

Cornea is the lens cover, the iris and pupil act like the aperture of the camera lens. The lens of the eye acts like the lens of the camera. The retina acts like the film.

What are the components that make up a camera lens?

In general terms, glass/plastic elements, a focus helix to move some elements in relation to others to permit focus, a similar mechanism to change focal length (zoom), an iris diaphragm to control ... Read More »