What part of the earth do diamonds come from?

Answer Australia is currently the largest diamond producer in the world. However, the gems are also mined in India, Russia, Canada, Venezuela, Brazil, Indonesia and several countries in Africa, including ... Read More »

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The Difference Between Lab-Made Diamonds & Earth-Made Diamonds?

Until recently, if you wanted to simulate the appearance of a diamond, you had to purchase an inexpensive substitute such as cubic zirconia. Today's laboratory grown diamonds, which are also known ... Read More »

Where on earth are diamonds found?

There are large diamond mines spread around the world, including in Botswana, Australia, Brazil, Namibia, India, South Africa, Russia and Canada. Conflict diamonds--which are diamonds mined in war-... Read More »

Is the sky a part of the Earth's atmosphere?

The Earth's atmosphere is comprised of gases that surround the planet. These gases extend all the way from the ground to space, and the blue sky and clouds that we can see from the Earth's surface ... Read More »

Where does part of the water come from in earth's atmosphere?

Water is naturally recycled on our planet through a process we refer to as the “water cycle,” or “hydrologic cycle.” The cycle consists of nine phases. Approximately 90 percent of the water... Read More »