What part of the cow is a tenderloin?

Answer Beef tenderloin is butchered from the middle of a cow's back, between the cow's ribs and back sirloin section. This area produces a cut of meat that is tender and has a mild flavor.Source:TheNibble... Read More »

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What part of the turkey is tenderloin?

The turkey tenderloin is a tender, moist and lean cut of poultry from underneath the breast area. Tenderloin is versatile and easily absorbs the subtle flavors of spices or marinade this choice whi... Read More »

What part of an animal is tenderloin?

An expensive cut, steak lovers prize the tenderloin for its tenderness. The tenderloin muscle does not get a lot of weight-bearing movement, the reason for this very tender meat.Tenderloin CutThe t... Read More »

What part of the pig does pork tenderloin come from?

The tenderloin is cut from the center of a pig's back. It is one of the leanest and most tender cuts of pork because it comes from muscle that generally gets less exercise than other areas of the p... Read More »

What is chicken tenderloin?

Chicken tenderloins can be found on restaurant menus, in the meat case at the grocery store and in the frozen food aisle at a supermarket or bulk store. They offer users convenience and nutrition a... Read More »