What part of the tree does a bay leaf come from?

Answer What part of the tree does a bay LEAF come from? I think you answered your own question.

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What part of the cow does a ribeye steak come from?

Ribeye steak is a popular menu item at steakhouses throughout the United States. It is high in protein. This cut of beef comes from the ribcage section of the cow.Source:A Cook's Wares: Cuts of Beef

What part of the plant does vanilla come from?

A vanilla bean is the dried fruit or seed pod of a family of orchid vines native to Central America. If you cut open the bean you will find dozens of tiny seeds, which can be scraped out and used t... Read More »

What part of a plant does popcorn come from?

Corn that is used for popcorn comes from a certain type of corn. The genus is Zea mays, also known as Flint Corn. Popcorn is made from this corn's kernels.Source:Gardening Tips and Ideas: Grow Your... Read More »

What part of the plant does broccoli come from?

Answer The broccoli head is actually the collective flower buds of the plant. Each of the tiny green parts of the broccoli head will open into a yellow flower if left uncut. This head rises up from... Read More »