What part of the cabbage is the seed?

Answer None, sort of.No part that you'll see in the supermarket. The cabbage plant flowers after the second year, and the grower (75% of the U.S. seeds come from the state of Washington) harvests the seed... Read More »

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How to Make Cabbage With Caraway Seed?

The combination of caraway seeds with cabbage is tasty and might even tempt the person who isn't so keen on cabbage. This is a traditional Eastern European flavour.

What part of a plant is a cabbage?

The part of the cabbage plant that we eat is a dense head of leaves borne on a relatively short stem; the loose leaves that grow below the head are also edible. In the case of other cabbage-family ... Read More »

Which part of the flower develops into the seed?

Flowers come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and colors, but all have the same basic features. Female flowers contain ovaries that hold many small egg-shaped ovules. When fertilized by a male fl... Read More »

What is the seed bearing part of the plant called?

The ovaries are the seed bearing part of a plant. The ovary is a part of the reproductive system of plant, which also contains both the stamen and the ovary.Source:Discovery Education: Plant Pollin... Read More »