What part of the U.S. did we gain from the Mexican War?

Answer The U.S.-Mexican War--also referred to as the Mexican-American War--occurred between the United States and Mexico over the territory of Texas. It ended with victory for the Americans, and consequen... Read More »

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Who was the german foreign minister who sought to gain mexican support in the war effort?

In January 1917, Arthur Zimmermann, the foreign minister of Germany, promised the German minister to Mexico that if Mexico helped Germany fight the United States, it would be rewarded with U.S. ter... Read More »

If you live in California and your ex has dual Mexican citizenship and a fake Mexican birth certificate would you be able to get full custody of the child?

Yes. You can give up custody. You can give the other parent or person full legal custody through a stipulated agreement if they agree to it.

Is the child of a Mexican illegal born in the USA a Mexican citizen?

According to the 1998 Mexican Nationality Law, children born on American soil to Mexican citizens are not automatically given Mexican citizenship, but they are considered Mexican nationals and are ... Read More »

How many Mexican troops died in the Mexican-American war?

The number of Mexican troops who died during the Mexican-American War is estimated at about 25,000. Most of these deaths were the result of disease, which was rampant during the two-year conflict.S... Read More »