What part of the U.S. did we gain from the Mexican War?

Answer The U.S.-Mexican War--also referred to as the Mexican-American War--occurred between the United States and Mexico over the territory of Texas. It ended with victory for the Americans, and consequen... Read More »

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Who was the german foreign minister who sought to gain mexican support in the war effort?

In January 1917, Arthur Zimmermann, the foreign minister of Germany, promised the German minister to Mexico that if Mexico helped Germany fight the United States, it would be rewarded with U.S. ter... Read More »

What are the creatures called that are part plant part human like rose specture of dunn from yugioh?

People that do not wash dey is a little on the mouldy side

Can a person have both Part A and Part B coverages from Medicare if they meet eligibility requirements?

Answer Yes. Part A is for Hospital, Part B for Doctors. To get Medigap Coverage you must have both.

What is your favorite menu item from mexican resturant?

Chimichangas (is that how you spell it) a nice warm chicken chimichanga...mmmmm! =P