What part of a food web has the most available energy?

Answer Producers---members of in the first level, or bottom---of the food web have the greatest amount of energy available to them. Unlike the other levels of the food web, producers (also called autotrop... Read More »

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Some ovens use electricity converted into heat energy to cook food what kind of non electric energy use?

Which part of cellular respiration uses the most energy?

Through cellular respiration, eukaryotic cells derive about 40 molecules of ATP energy from each molecule of glucose. However, cells must invest energy to start this process. In the step that uses ... Read More »

What is the part on a wind turbine that gathers energy?

The generator in a wind turbine changes kinetic energy into mechanical or electrical energy. The blades on a wind turbine gather the wind energy and turn a drive shaft, which rotates the generator ... Read More »

What food has the energy?