What part of a flower produces fragrance?

Answer In most flowers, the petals contain the majority of fragrance, as evidenced by the use of rose and jasmine petals in the distillation of perfume oils.

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What part of the plant produces pollen?

Flowers each contain male and female parts, which are located in different areas depending upon the plant variety. The male parts, known as stamens, are usually long and skinny with a thicker shape... Read More »

Is fragrance of a flower chemical or physical?

Chemical due to the internal reactions of a flower.

Why is the Gumamela flower without fragrance?

The Gumamela Flower is more commonly known as the Hibiscus in the US. It is in the family Malvaceae and also known as Rosemallow.A flower is the part of a plant that facilitates fertilization. It c... Read More »

How do I Collect Flower Fragrance Grease?

Perfume can be made with one scent or by blending many scents together. These scents come from the oils in flowers, spices, wood, leaves, fruits, spices and many other ingredients. Grease, in the f... Read More »