Do i cut the little white part from chicken tenders?

Answer in a raw piece of chicken tender ... the little white "tab" thing is actually Tendon ... You want to remove that. It actually goes down the entire chicken tender. You can remove the entire tendon b... Read More »

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In which part of India is Chicken Rogan Josh associated?

kashmir... north eastern indiaRogan Josh is an aromatic chicken curry dish. It originated in Northern India, and is particularly associated with Kashmir. 'Roghan' means oil in Persian & Urdu, proba... Read More »

Thigh Breast Leg or Wing Which part of fried chicken is your favorite?

Thigh. It's got a lot of skin (best part of fried chicken) like the breast but isn't too big, which the breast is. =(( I want some fried chicken! The closest thing to fried chicken I get here is... Read More »

Can you eat gizzard shad fish?

On One Hand: Fisherman Use Gizzard Shad as BaitAlthough sport fisherman often catch and cook larger varieties of shad, gizzard shad are used primarily as catfish bait. Gizzard shad are small, minno... Read More »

Is the crop or gizzard bigger on an earthworm?

The crop of an earthworm is a storage area for its food, while the gizzard is a stomach muscle that grinds up the food that the earthworm swallows. Although they are very similar in size, the gizza... Read More »