What part of a carrot contains seeds?

Answer Carrot seeds The carrot itself has no seeds. If a carrot is left in the ground, a stalk will eventually come up from the middle of the plant and form flattish flowers in an umbel. The seeds develop... Read More »

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Where are the seeds on a carrot?

The flowering heads of the carrot branches, called "umbels," produce carrot seeds. The first and largest umbel to flower, the primary umbel, produces heavier, higher quality seeds, with a faster ge... Read More »

Where are seeds located on a carrot?

According to the World Carrot Museum, carrot seeds are not found in the part of the carrot we eat. Carrot seeds are found in carrot flowers, which bloom at the top of a tall stem, forming tiny blac... Read More »

How long are carrot seeds good for?

Biological research has found that carrot seeds can take up to three long weeks to germinate. Generally, dried carrot seeds have a small life span. If preserved properly in a cool, dry place, the s... Read More »

How to Start Carrot Seeds Indoors?

Carrots are an important source of nutrients in the human diet. According to the FDA, carrots are rich in beta carotene, vitamin C, iron and dietary fiber. Carrot seed is inexpensive, and you don't... Read More »