What paralytic diseases affect dogs?

Answer Paralysis is not uncommon in dogs and can be caused by meningitis, rabies, distemper, degenerative disk disease, ischemic myelopathy and other viral diseases. Dogs can also become paralyzed by the ... Read More »

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What diseases affect the heart?

There are many different types of diseases that can affect the health of the heart. It is important to have regular medical check-ups to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system.ArrhythmiaAccording... Read More »

How to Kill Bugs & Diseases That Affect Dahlias?

Dahlias are often affected by diseases and pests. Removing the troublesome issues from your plant is important, as they can cause damage to and even destroy your dahlia. The key to resolving your d... Read More »

Diseases in Female Dogs?

Though all dogs can be susceptible to a variety of medical conditions, female dogs can be particularly prone to specific conditions often due to their anatomical features and the effects of hormone... Read More »

Blood Diseases in Dogs?

Blood diseases in dogs can be scary, frightening and quite dangerous. Most blood diseases can affect any dog, regardless of its breed, gender or age. Fortunately, most are manageable. If you suspec... Read More »