What paperwork is needed to sell a car?

Answer Completing the sale of a car is easy once a buyer has stepped forward with the cash to buy your car. The paperwork needed to complete the sale may vary in some jurisdictions, but generally there ar... Read More »

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Paperwork and Contracts Needed to Sell My Own House?

Trying to sell a home without proper contracts and paperwork can prevent a sale. Homes sold without a realtor require just as much paperwork as homes sold using a realtor. Without a realtor, seller... Read More »

What Paperwork Is Needed for Filing the FAFSA?

Filing the FAFSA is the first step in accessing most types of financial aid available to help pay for a college degree, whether pursuing an undergraduate, a graduate or a professional degree. Ever... Read More »

What paperwork is needed to donate a vehicle?

A growing number of not-for-profit organizations accept automobiles as donations. If you are considering making such a contribution, you need to understand what paperwork is needed to donate a vehi... Read More »

How do you remove officers of a condominium association and the paperwork needed?

Read your governing documents where you can find the process to remove a director. Usually, this is done by an uber-majority vote of members: 67% or two-thirds or some number greater than a simple... Read More »