What paint to use to paint a yellowing refrigerator door handle?

Answer It depends on what material the handle is comprised of.

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How do I clean yellowing refrigerator door handles?

Gather Cleaning ItemsMix warm water, dish detergent and a cap full of bleach in a medium-size container. Gather a soft cloth or household sponge, and a scrubbing pad.Clean the Door HandleDip the sc... Read More »

What type of paint should I use to paint my refrigerator to look like stainless steel?

To make non-metal kitchen appliances look like they are made out of stainless steel, paint them with stainless steel paint. This paint is a mix of stainless steel and resin. It can be brushed onto ... Read More »

Is it okay to paint the trim around the oven door on an electric stove and if so what kind of paint should be used?

Answer Ovens and the area around them get very warm and paint might have a hard time staying applied over a long period of time. Also it might be difficult to prevent brush strokes.On the other han... Read More »

How to Remove Yellowing Auto Paint?

Sometimes older vehicles can sport yellowing on their paint jobs. This is actually oxidation buildup and fading occurring on the surface of the clear coat paint. This usually happens over long peri... Read More »