What paint color stimulates the appetite?

Answer On One Hand: Ravenous RedAccording to color psychologists, red shades convey excitement and energy. Red catches the eye. It raises the heart rate and gets the blood pumping. Red is also thought to ... Read More »

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I need to paint my sons room. What color should I paint it?

ASK HIM why u asking a bunch of people who have never seen the room before

What color paint will tie together burgandy and an almost buttery cream color?

what colors are the seat cushions/curtains/wall decor? are there any shades you could pull from any of these suggestions?or you could always do a tone on tone look. (i personally like this)

I want to paint my bedroom, what color should i paint it?

What Stimulates Social Change?

Social change is the slow, gradual push from one social position to another, such as in the case of women pushing for equality, minorities standing against segregation or entire cultures moving tow... Read More »