What paint color looks good with gold?

Answer On One Hand: Royal Blue is the Best ChoicePairing gold with royal blue conforms with the standard practice that the best match for a color is found opposite the base color on the color wheel. Since... Read More »

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What Looks Good With a Gold or Tan Wall Color?

All iMac optical disc drives are slot-loading drives, meaning that the disc is inserted into a slot that directly feeds into the computer, rather than being placed onto a disc tray that is pulled i... Read More »

What color paint looks good with oak?

On One Hand: Highlight the WoodOak furniture, cabinets, banisters and picture frames have some of the most beautiful wood grain available, and solid oak is an expensive investment. When you have o... Read More »

What Paint Color Looks Good With a Gray Countertop?

Gray is a neutral color that matches most other colors, depending on its shade. It is a conservative color that blends well with both warm and cool colors. On a countertop, it hides most wear and t... Read More »

What color of paint looks good with natural maple cabinets?

On One Hand: White Walls Accent the WoodAn off-white semigloss wall paint with a touch of red pastel or yellow ocher will be just the color to accent the room, especially if the cabinets are locate... Read More »