What pain medication can you give a dog?

Answer Dogs can take many of the same pain medications as humans, but only for short periods and in carefully administered dosages. The medication may or may not require a prescription.Prescribed Medicati... Read More »

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What kind of pain medication is safe to give to my dog?

It's hard to see a dog that is in pain, especially if it is your own dog. You want to give your dog something to relieve the pain, but you want to do it safely. Many human medications are not safe ... Read More »

What pain medication can pregnant women take?

you can't take anything over the counter, but your Doctor can give you Something for it

What medication can one give a dog for a fever?

Fever in a dog can be caused by an illness or a more serious condition, such as cancer. According to Pet Place, fever in dogs is diagnosed with a temperature of 103 degrees Fahrenheit or warmer. Th... Read More »

Does a pain management doctor specialize in medication or what?

I've been in a pain management program for a spine injury for about 7 years. I've had a couple of spine operations.They treat chronic pain with varies methods. PT, medications, whatever they thin... Read More »