What pH does parsley like?

Answer 5.6 - 7.5

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What does parsley look like?

There are two basic types of parsley (petroselinum crispum). The flat Italian parsley with flat, green, notched leaves and a curly type that has tightly curled slightly darker green leaves. Both ... Read More »

What does parsley taste like?

The taste of parsley is hard to describe. Some people have claimed it tastes "grassy". However, all that comes to mind to me when describing the taste is "fresh". Flat leaf (Italian) parsley has... Read More »

What are plants like parsley sage rosemary and thyme called?

Can I grow a parsley plant from dried parsley flakes?

No,the parsley that is dried comes from the leaves of the plant,but you need the seeds to grow new plants.The seed stalk comes up above the plant in an umbrella shape.Commercial parsley would never... Read More »