What outfit would I pair with these boots?

Answer…Try something like this.

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Which Pair of shoes goes with this outfit....?

3 you would want everyone to see the shoes instead of blending in with the jeans

When did you last polish a pair of shoes or boots.?

On Sunday. I'm in the military so I have to "Bull" them to a mirror-like shine. I've got to prep my best shoes for Remembrance Sunday over this week.

How to Make a Pair of Boots Last longer?

Boots get a lot of wear and tear especially if you are a heavy walker, hiker, or live in snowy areas. Shoes can get very expensive, so it's up to you to make sure they last as long as possible so y... Read More »

How to Pick the Perfect Pair of Snow Boots?

How to pick the perfect pair of snow boots.Types of Boots: UGG® , Bear Paws, L.L. Bean and North face.