What outcome does colic have when your older on humans?

Answer Probably tachypneic, which is excessively rapid respiration.

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Can you have sex when your 15 and older?

you may not be pregnant. your cycle could be changing but if you're having unprotected sex you may want to take a pregnancy test or go to the doctor. good luck.

Does anyone know if theres a website that will show you what you look when your older?…

How can you tell if you have an older sibling who was adopted when you were a baby if your parents deny it?

You can compare the DNA between yourself and your older sibling. Siblings have APPROXIMATELY (as in, on average) 50% the same genes, because each gene has a random chance of being inherited from th... Read More »

Does your older baby ever have nightmares?

What your son experienced was a night terror. That is different from a nightmare. I literally JUST read about it because my daughter JUST had a nightmare last night. Read More »