What others are there all i know is dxdiag and msconfig?

Answer There are switches associated with most of these as well. A switch tells the command to perform additional functions within a parameter. / is a switch.You might also search for batch files as it c... Read More »

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How do I access msconfig?

Windows XPClick the "Start" icon in the Windows taskbar. Click "Run." Type "msconfig" (without the quotes) and click "OK." The msconfig utility will open.Windows Vista/7Click the "Start" icon in th... Read More »

How to Boot into DOS through MSConfig?

MS-DOS, which stands for "Microsoft Disk operating system," was created by Microsoft in 1981 as an operating system for IBM computers. DOS is based on command lines and does not contain any graphic... Read More »

How to Replace Msconfig?

The "Microsoft System Configuration Utility" (MISCONFIG) allows users to easily access all the programs that start when the computer is booted up. Each time your computer starts, various programs ... Read More »

How to Use MSCONFIG to Troubleshoot Windows XP?

The Microsoft System Configuration Utility -- MSCONFIG -- is a program that lets you manage your computer's configuration. You can use it to control which items are loaded at startup, such as INI f... Read More »